Students meeting with a career advisor

Four Year Plan

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Freshman Year

The main priority of a first year student is to manage the transition from high school to college. The coursework is more rigorous and you’ll need to adjust to new living arrangements, various interpersonal relationships and dynamics, and a new-found sense of independence. Balancing academic requirements with campus activities and a social life is an extremely important skill that is essential for you to be successful throughout your time at Coe.

Sophomore Year

Having successfully navigated the transition from high school to college, you begin to shift focus from transition to progression. Sophomore year is a time when most students declare a major and engage more deeply with interest areas and topics. Start the process of internship/grad school preparation. Create a resume and/or CV, complete a job shadow or informational interview, and make connections in an effort to expand your professional network.

Junior Year

Junior year is important for career/graduate school planning and preparation. By this point, most coursework is related to your major. Academic performance may be a significant factor for considering graduate or pre-professional programs. This will be the last summer to complete a college internship. Be fully prepared with a resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills to quickly apply to internships. Feel confident about your skills and abilities to perform admirably in a professional setting. If you haven’t engaged with activities or groups, this is a crucial time to be able to add those things to your resume.

Senior Year

As a Senior, your focus should be on putting the finishing touches on what should have been an amazing experience. Just like First Year students, this is a time of transitions as you begin to seek out and finalize post-graduation plans. Finish strong and make sure that all academic requirements have been met.