Stewart Memorial Library on the Coe College campus Human resources staff

Staff Advisory Group

Our Mission:

The Coe College Staff Advisory Group (SAG) acts as an advisory committee for staff and senior leadership of the college. The purpose of the group is to further the progress of Coe staff through actions and advocacy. SAG members will actualize opportunities through recommendations, facilitation, and as advocates within their own areas.

Areas of Focus:


  • Recommend/facilitate opportunities to give and receive information at a cross-departmental level outside senior staff.
  • Share information learned in staff advisory group with our own departments.
  • Create/support recommendations for how to communicate successfully/efficiently/effectively.


  • Create/recommend opportunities to empower staff in decision making and implementation of ideas.
  • Model empowerment and trust in our own teams and support each other by asking critical questions.
  • Facilitate/recommend skill development opportunities.


  • Recommend opportunities to connect face to face outside of specific work meetings, creating shared experiences.
  • Prioritize providing engagement and morale building opportunities by facilitating them.


  • Recommend or provide information to senior staff regarding prioritization of campus resources.
  • Share learning opportunities with colleagues in the group or our own departments.


  • Recommend opportunities for sharing and celebrating events and recognition that is already occurring on campus.
  • Collect information to share the ways campus already connects with the community.
  • Recommend/facilitate opportunities to celebrate or recognize the accomplishments of others.