Our mission as a liberal arts college

Beth Trejo '05

A well-rounded education

"The liberal arts philosophy of a well-rounded education has strengthened my communication skills and allows me to relate to a diverse array of people, situations and topics."

Beth Trejo '05
CEO and Co-Founder of Chatterkick
Named a Top 50 CEO for Women by Comparably.com

A liberal arts education is the best preparation for life. We believe such an education allows students to discover what their real talents and interests are, and that it develops in them the skills, abilities and habits of mind that will make possible a successful career in any field of endeavor, including ones that do not yet exist.

A liberal arts education cultivates:

  • the ability to think logically and analytically    
  • the ability to communicate clearly, both in writing and speaking    
  • the ability to use computer technology effectively
  • the ability to work productively as a member of a group seeking to achieve a common objective
  • the ability to make informed judgments, whether in the realm of ethical behavior or in that of aesthetic appreciation
  • the ability to foster and sustain an attitude of intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • the ability to recognize and honor true excellence when found in any form or context
  • a desire to understand
  • a capacity for tolerance
  • an ability to appreciate the ethnic and cultural diversity that make up humankind
Mary McCormick

Step outside your major

Because Coe is a liberal arts college, it's so easy to step outside of your major and spend time in all different niches on campus. Though I want to be a doctor and my professors are giving me the knowledge and hands-on experience I need, I'm getting a well-rounded education.

Mary McCormick '20