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The Board of Trustees is the governing body for Coe College.

While the President of the College, who is hired and evaluated by the Board, is ultimately responsible for managing the college on a daily basis, the Trustees set broad policy and overall direction for Coe. In addition, the Trustees are particularly active in philanthropic support for the college.

Comprised of members who voluntarily share their time and talents, the Trustees include alumni and friends of the college who have a genuine interest in and concern for Coe. Prospective new members are thoroughly vetted, invited to submit their names for candidacy and ultimately voted upon by the full Board. Members serve for three-year terms, which can be renewed.

The Trustees meet a minimum of three times each year. A number of standing committees regularly review different aspects of the college, with a focus on future opportunities for success including the comprehensive management of the college’s endowment.

Coe is fortunate to have diverse professional talent represented on its Board of Trustees. From successful attorneys and physicians to business executives and educators, a wide variety of expertise is possessed by board members and readily shared for the benefit of all.

While supporting every aspect of college success, the Trustees are most interested in maintaining a high quality liberal arts educational environment for Coe students to fulfill the mission of the college. Coe’s commitment to academic excellence, which has been fostered for more than 160 years, produces successful alumni who represent ultimate institutional success.