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International Student Employment

On-Campus Employment

At Coe, international students have access to many academic, social, and financial opportunities for success, which includes work-study. See below for some common questions and answers.

Obtaining a Work-Study Award

In order to obtain a work study job, international students must show financial need and must be enrolled in a minimum of three course credits. For more information on eligibility or obtaining a position, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Work-Study Eligibility

If an international student is eligible for a work study award, it will be listed on their I-20 under the section "On-Campus Employment" (see yellow box below). International students are eligible for institutional (Coe) work-study, but are not eligible for federal work-study (from the US government).

If you do not have anything listed in the "On-Campus Employment" section and would like to apply to be considered for an institutional work-study award, please complete this form if you are a degree seeking student and this form if you are an exchange student.

Finding a Work-Study Job

All students at Coe apply for positions through Handshake, accessible at

What Else You Need Before Beginning Work: Social Security Numbers

In order to legally work in the United States, international students must have a Social Security Number (SSN). If a student does not have a SSN, they must apply for one. Please visit the International Student Affairs page for more information about a Social Security Number, its uses and how to apply for one.

Off-Campus Employment

In order to work off-campus, international students must apply for CPT.

Employment Opportunities for Exchange International Students

Paid employment options for exchange international students differ, in some ways, than those available for degree-seeking international students.

Available Options:

  • Institutional Work-Study award, only if you complete this form and are approved by Coe College.
  • Serving as a tutor through the Learning Commons. Interested students should visit here the Learning Comons Tutoring page.
  • Working for an academic department. These opportunities are very limited and are at the discretion of the faculty of that department. If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact your academic advisor or specific departments.
  • Working for the Admissions Office. Students may do telecounseling, give tours, or work events. If you are interested in exploring this option – as sometimes this is work-study and sometimes it is not – please contact the Admissions Office.
  • Working for the Advancement Office. Students may participate in Phonathon, in which students make phone calls to alumni and other people and groups to help support the College. If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact the Advancement Office.

Non-Available Options:

  • Working off campus.
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT). This program, which allows F-1 visa holders to work off campus, requires students to have been in their program for at least one academic year.
  • Sodexo (Coe Cafeteria and Pub). Though it is located on campus, Sodexo is considered an external employer for students who do not have institutional or federal work-study.