Student Employment FAQs

Who is eligible for work study?
Work study is available to students that show financial need and that qualify for Federal WS. However, students who aren’t eligible for Federal WS may still receive a Coe WS award as students can be granted an institutional WS award.

How do you find out what WS jobs are available?
All open positions are available through Handshake, accessible at coe.joinhandshake.com.

What happens if I don’t use my WS award my first year?
If you do not utilize your work study award your first year, it will not be included in your financial aid package the following year. You are able to request your award again if you do get a WS job.

Do I have to use my student wages to pay for my tuition?
No, but you have the option to. Students who wish to have their WS award applied directly to their tuition bill should go to the Business Office to fill out a form.

A work study award was included on my Financial Aid Statement, but it shows that I owe money on my account. Why isn’t my award taken off my bill?
Your bill will show as being unpaid until you’ve earned your award and applied those wages to your bill. You will not be charged late fees or unpaid fees if the only amount unpaid on your bill is your work study award amount and if you have completed the form stating that your work study pay will be applied to your bill.

Will I get paid for my internship?
Generally, internships are taken for credit to fulfill an academic requirement. For more information on internship information, click here.

Are International students eligible for WS?
International students are eligible for WS. Students should check their Financial Aid Award Letter to see whether they have been granted a WS award.

How do I get paid for WS?
Students must fill out a timesheet each month and turn it in to the Human Resources Office. The timesheet must be signed by the student’s supervisor.

What is Handshake?
Handshake is an online portal that allows students to look through and apply for all available jobs on campus. It is accessible at coe.joinhandshake.com.

How much am I paid for WS?
Students are paid $8.25 an hour unless their supervisor tells the Payroll Administrator otherwise. If a student were to work over 40 hours a week (not recommended), they would be paid at the overtime rate of $12.37 per hour.