Excited group of Coe students in front of the Victory Bell

Parent Orientation

Parent and Family Orientation
Saturday, August 18, 2018

While your new Kohawk attends his/her New Student Orientation, please join us for these activities specifically designed for you as parents. We hope the parent sessions will help answer your questions and familiarize you with the Coe College campus and resources available. In addition, these events will provide you with the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, administrators and other students who will be joining your son or daughter in their academic endeavors. We encourage you to attend as many of the events as possible and hope you enjoy your time on campus. Welcome to Coe!

Parent Orientation Schedule

If you have any questions about Orientation or other aspects of Coe, feel free to reach out to either of us.

Gina Hausknecht

Gina Hausknecht
Associate Dean for Student Academics
John William King Professor of Literature & Creative Writing

Barb Tupper

Barb Tupper
Executive Director of External Partnerships