Hickok Hall


The Golden Age of Neuroscience: Understanding Addiction, Stress, and Brain Disorders

David Lo, Associate Professor of Biology
Paul Storer, Associate Professor Biology
Michael Baker, Professor of Psychology
February 6, 13, 20, 27


Researchers have learned more about the brain in the last decade than in centuries of study, ushering in a golden age of neuroscience.  Yet, a better understanding of the brain is still desperately needed in order to develop effective treatments for neurological disorders, one of the greatest threats to public health.  How do we go about understanding the nervous system—the most complex organ system in the human body—and a range of neural processes like addiction, stress, and brain disorders?  This forum, led by faculty from Coe’s biology and psychology departments, will provide an introduction to neuroscience and exciting developments in this dynamic field.  Following week one’s introduction to the field and its history, week two’s session led by Professor of Psychology Michael Baker will explore addiction and the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms that play a role in the compulsive behaviors associated with it.  In the third session, Associate Professor of Biology David Lo will explain the biological process of stress, the myriad ways stress impacts our health, and techniques for managing stress.  The final session, led by Associate Professor of Biology Paul Storer, will explain the mechanisms that lead to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis and explore the modern treatments that may ameliorate such brain disorders.