Sierra Menzies

Sierra Menzies

Sierra Menzies

by Gordie Felger

Sierra Menzies ’18 (international studies and business administration major, international economics minor) makes the world her business as an alum of the Stead Department of Business Administration & Economics.

As a student, Sierra took advantage of two vital opportunities. She completed a business development internship, which she discovered on Coe’s online job portal, at Miles Capital, a West Des Moines investment firm. She also studied abroad for a semester in Thailand.

“[Coe Director of Off-Campus Study] John Chaimov … really pushed me out of my comfort zone when I was considering where to study abroad,” Sierra said. “He challenged me to select an opportunity that was something I would not have chosen on my own, and I had the time of my life. I was able to meet students from many different countries and backgrounds, and we shared our perspectives on international business.”

Sierra recommends prospective international business students:

  • Pursue unique off-campus opportunities (study abroad, internships, etc.). 
  • Do something fun and challenging; keep a journal so that you can reflect on how the experience changed you.
  • Find a trusted mentor to help you navigate tough choices.

Sierra now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and works as a consultant for Cerner Corporation, an information technology company with a focus on the health care industry.

“Studying international business at Coe gave me the confidence to interact and communicate with people of all backgrounds with respect,” she said. “I am more comfortable overcoming cultural differences and obstacles such as language barriers because I know how to find common ground.”