Business professor talking with students

Leah Shaffer

leah shaffer

Leah Shaffer

by Gordie Felger

Leah Shaffer ’19 (international economics major, mathematics minor) of St. Louis, Missouri, enjoys the diversity of thought in the Coe Stead Department of Business Administration & Economics. 

“I like the colorful variations in student thinking,” she says. “The Econ Department is preparing me [for a future career] by showing me all the different things that are out there for me to do with my degree.” 

She says of the professors, “Each one takes the time with every student to learn about what they're most interested in and what their strengths are.” 

Leah especially finds Assistant Professor of Stead Department of Business Administration and Economics Drew Westberg helpful in her academic career.

“He pushes me and challenges me when I don't think I can accomplish something, but he listens to me when I say I'm in over my head and need a break,” she says.