Student looking into microscope

Emily Hill

Emily Hill

Emily Hill

by Gordie Felger

Understanding the complexities of the human brain gives Emily Hill ’19 (neuroscience and biology) an edge for her future career as a physical therapist. Emily, of Roseville, Minnesota, thrives as a student in the Coe Neuroscience Department. She cites the variety of courses offered as an advantage.  

“A lot of the courses are interrelated, and it’s fun to relate info you learned in a previous class between the various courses,” she says.

Emily credits her academic advisor, Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. David Lo, with helping her to schedule the classes needed to graduate and expand her knowledge.

“He has helped me to figure out the best way to satisfy my graduation needs and fit in all the courses … to complete my biology major and neuroscience collateral,” she says.

During a Health and Science Internship, Emily shadowed physical therapists for a month. “Coe helped prepare me for this internship by providing me with a solid background of knowledge,” she says.

After graduating from Coe, Emily looks to attend graduate school, then become a physical therapist.

The Coe Neuroscience Department helped Emily “discover the complexity of the brain and everything that it contributes to,” she says. “Being able to understand the brain and the many factors that revolve around [it], such as personality and cognitive processing, is a whole different level of understanding someone. This will help as I work with patients and will allow me to better understand them as a person … [and] to treat their pain in a way that best fits them.”