Marketing Video Request

The Coe College Marketing Office is happy to assist with your video needs.

To ensure consistent branding across campus, our services are available to Coe students, staff and faculty at no cost. Please take the following into consideration when planning a video and submitting a request form:

  • On average, a sit-down interview requires 30 minutes of setup time per location. Please plan and schedule accordingly.
  • Be mindful of privacy, external noise, power access and space.
  • The more detailed you can be when describing and planning your project, the more efficiently we can handle your request and make it look attractive.
  • Commercial music CANNOT be used in videos without expressed written consent from the publisher of the music. If special commercial music is requested, an additional request form will need to be submitted a minimum of five weeks in advance. Music licensing is often expensive, so please plan to have other options available.
  • Be aware that sometimes technology breaks or fails. This could impact your request and may make the process more difficult to finish on time and on schedule.

Click here to view a sample A/V template for creating a script.