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Dining Services

As a residential college, Coe expects all students who live in traditional residence halls - Voorhees, Greene, Armstrong, Douglas and Murray - to eat in the college dining hall in Gage Memorial Union on a meal plan. The student meal plan also allows students to buy Starbucks drinks in the coffee shop, food at The Grill and items in the convenience store all located in Charlie’s P.U.B. Students who are commuters and other members of the Coe community may also arrange to have a meal plan or buy Coe Cash on their ID card from the Sodexo office in Upper Gage.

Residential students choose from four meal plans that each combine a set number of meals per week and Coe Cash. There is a meal plan to fit most every student’s schedule or eating habits. There are two meal plans for apartment residents. The Apartment 100 plan offers any 100 meals in the semester with $75 Coe Cash per semester. The Apartment 75 plan offers any 75 meals in the semester with $75 Coe Cash per semester.

The dining hall operates from 7:15 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 7:15 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Friday (closed 2:30-4:45 p.m. for cleaning). Students may eat their meals during any of these hours. Food is served in a food-court style with 13 different stations open during peak hours to reduce students wait in line. There is a deli, salad bar, dessert, beverages, vegan, pizza station, grill station, pasta station and sauté station in addition to the classics (meat and potatoes). Most items are cooked to order and the menu features many fresh and healthy choices. The food service director considers special needs of students. Students who have dietary restrictions or health needs should contact the director at 319-399-8648.

Sodexo Campus Food Service "Surprise Someone Packages"

The Surprise Someone Program provides a means for parents to do something special for their sons and daughters while attending Coe - especially during times associated with high stress in the academic community. Parents can help ease this stress and communicate care during the long periods between vacations, during finals or to show thoughtfulness with the delivery of a Surprise Someone Package.

Imagine your Coe student’s surprise when they see your special gift and personalized message. Orders can be placed by phone, email, or by clicking here. We ask that all orders be placed a minimum of one week before delivery. Checks may be made payable to Sodexo and sent to Coe College.