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Financial Aid Handbook

This handbook is designed to help you understand the various financial aid programs administered by Coe College. Please read the handbook carefully and bookmark it for future reference.

Coe College provides comprehensive need-based and merit-based financial aid programs designed to help qualified students attend Coe regardless of their family financial situation. These assistance programs are based on the premise that students and parents should pay for college to the extent that they are able. Need-based financial aid is used to help make up the difference between the cost of college and what a family can afford.

Table of Contents

Financial Aid Award Notification

Federal and State Eligibility Requirements

Merit and Talent Scholarships

Need-Based Financial Aid

Outside Non-Need Based Gift Aid

Self-Help Aid

Educational Costs

Withdrawing: The Impact of Financial Aid

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Additional Financial Aid Information

Consumer Information for the Student

Office of Financial Aid