Group of students around a table talking

Why See a Counselor

Personal counseling offers you the opportunity to talk about social, emotional or behavioral problems that are either causing you distress or interfering with your ability to function from day to day. Our counselor is a trained professional who can respond to your concerns in an objective and non-judgmental manner. The counseling relationship is unique in that it provides a safe forum for you to speak freely knowing that what is shared will be kept private and confidential.

There are many reasons for pursuing counseling. Some of the most common challenges for which students seek help include the following:

  • difficulty concentrating or completing academic tasks
  • family or relationship problems
  • procrastination and other self-defeating behaviors/habits
  • issues of grief and loss
  • difficulty managing stress/feeling stressed out often
  • feeling as if you have no direction in life
  • coping with traumatic events
  • domestic violence or sexual assault
  • depression or lack of motivation
  • anxiety or acute panic attacks
  • problems with alcohol or other drugs
  • eating behavior (eating too much or too little) and/or body image
  • concerns about anger
  • sexual concerns/questions about your sexuality
  • compulsive behaviors
  • having difficulty making friends
  • other social concerns/homesickness 
  • having something you have never told anybody but feel like you should
  • feeling like you can't go on

Did you know? 

According to our 2017 American College Health Association survey, 46% of Coe students surveyed have sought out counseling.  Of all students surveyed, 80% of Coe students said they would seek help from a professional, if needed in the future.