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"As a residential college that requires all students to live on campus for all four years, Coe recognizes that creating the right living environment is essential to provide a superior educational opportunity."

Packing List: What we provide and what you shouldn't bring

  • Mission: Through a four-year residential experience, the Office of Residence Life offers a variety of clean, well-maintained facilities, as well as an engaged staff who are guided by learning outcomes and strive to create an inclusive, safe environment that enhances the learning experience of our students and contributes to their graduation.
  • Vision: Coe College Residence Life will prepare residents to become lifelong change agents, guided by inclusive and civically engaged principles.
  • Guiding Values: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Sense of Belonging, Student-Centered and Safety.

  • Coe is home to 1,200 students residing in 24 different residence halls, apartment buildings & houses.
  • On the left is the listing of the variety of housing options at Coe.
  • Our work is guided by our Mission & Vision above and a set of Learning Outcomes.
  • Our Residence Life staff is led by a director, assistant directors, and 50 resident assistants.
  • New first-year student move-in on Saturday, August 19, 7 AM - 11 AM. 
  • Returning residents move-in on August 21-23. Check-in is in the Student Life Office from 9 AM - 5 PM.
  • Early arrivals (RA's, orientation leaders, Summer Bridge, football, CoeHort, CoeHaul, new international students, peer ministers, OUTReach, dance team and writing center) will be emailed with their move-in date.

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Coe's residence halls vary in style, size, and personality. Each hall has vending machines, laundry facilities and at least one kitchen. In addition to main lobbies for studying, relaxing and activities, most halls also have lounges with TVs and comfy chairs and couches. All have cable TV and internet hookups, with Wi-Fi access now available on much of the Coe campus.

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You will have a Resident Assistant (RA) assigned to each floor, who will serve as a familiar face, a seasoned expert on life at Coe and a person to help make your college transition run smoothly. You also will have the unique opportunity to participate in a number of activities with your floormates, not just in the halls, but also across campus.

Within the residence halls, most first-year students live on a first-year floor or in a cluster of rooms placed in proximity to the floor's Resident Assistant. First-year student floors provide a homebase for entering students, while also integrating them into a larger hall community with upper-class students.

Coe believes the first-year student experience is vital to academic and social success. The programs, services and mentoring that take place in the first-year student clusters and floors provide students enhanced educational and community opportunities and facilitate the overall liberal arts experience.