Excited group of students in front of the Victory Bell

Jess Salgado

Jess Salgado

Jess Salgado

Assistant Director of Admission

Territory: Chicago and Wisconsin
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Education: B.A., Coe College '17
Majors: Psychology, Spanish

Email: jsalgado@coe.edu
Cell Phone: 773.310.0263

Habla español

What I look for in a student:

I look for students who are curious and aren't afraid to ask questions. Students who love to step out of their comfort zone to be involved! 

Favorite part of my job:

My favorite part is working with students to find their home away from home. Going to Coe has been a valuable and memorable experience that I love to show and talk about with others!

Favorite Cedar Rapids hotspot:

NewBo City Market because the food is amazing!

Favorite place on campus:

The Intercultural Center and Stuart Hall (Specifically the Psychology floor).

Favorite TV show:

This is a tough one... Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and Jane the Virgin. 

Dream job:

To be a high school counselor. 

What are three things that people don't know about me:

  • When I was a kid I thought that to make 50 cents you (literally) split a dollar bill in half.
  • I enjoy going to dentist appointments.  
  • I don’t know how to swim.