Financial Aid Timeline for Prospective Students

Financial Aid Timeline for Prospective Students

The admission and financial aid team at Coe College can help you throughout the financial aid process when selecting a college or university to attend. Here are a few of the key milestones to aid in the process:

Sophomore Year of High School

Meet: Get to know your high school counselor to discuss your plans and goals for the future.

Explore: Research schools to develop a list from which to narrow your search.

Plan: The federal tax returns filed in the new year will be used to apply for financial aid.

Learn: Understand the FAFSA and learn more about Net Price Calculators to increase your financial aid eligibility. You should also explore test prep options. 


Junior Year of High School

Meet: Continue discussions with your parents and high school counselor to learn about the best higher education options for your area of interest.        

Explore: Begin visiting schools on your “short list” to determine which are the best fit for you.

Plan: Create a file for applications, admission materials and correspondence for each school. Compile tax returns and investment data needed for filing FAFSA in the fall of your senior year.

Learn: Review scholarship options available to you. Resources include: 
     • Local clubs, organizations and businesses
     • Online funds available from national companies and organizations
     • Employers
     • Merit-based scholarships


Senior Year of High School

Meet: Remain in close contact with admission counselors for the schools to which you have applied.

Explore: Visit as many of your selected schools as possible to inform your decision.

     • File your FAFSA on time – Starting in December
     • Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)
     • Analyze your financial aid packages 
     • Be aware of the May 1 enrollment deadline
     • Understand and apply for all of your loans
     • Complete federal loan counseling
     • Sign Master Promissory Note (MPN)
     • Confirm work-study options and deadlines with your school

Learn: Complete federal loan counseling and understand the terms and payment plans for all of your financial commitments.