Coe Student

Early Decision Plan

Early Decision Plan - November 15 Deadline

The Early Decision Plan is designed for students who know they want to be a Kohawk, understand Coe's financial aid policies and feel confident that Coe is affordable for their family. This plan involves a dual commitment by the student and by the College. Coe pledges to give you an early admission decision and preliminary financial aid award* by December 10.

By applying with the Early Decision Plan, you are making a commitment to enroll at Coe if offered admission, withdraw any pending applications and refrain from starting new applications to other institutions.

* By using the Federal Student Aid Estimator, you will be given a reasonable estimate of any need-based aid Coe College may be able to offer. In your preliminary financial aid award, you will be notified of the minimum amount of merit award(s) you can expect to receive as well as to your estimated need-based aid. If Coe's preliminary financial aid award does not make attendance possible, you may decline the offer of admission.

Note: You must complete the Federal Student Aid Estimator online, print your results, sign the document and mail (1220 First Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402) or email ( it to the Coe College Office of Admission.

Steps to apply Early Decision:

  1. Apply by November 15 and choose Early Decision as your Admission Plan.
  2. Have your parent/guardian sign and return the Parent Early Decision Agreement form.
  3. You will receive an admission decision and preliminary financial aid award by December 10.