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Loan Repayment Information

As you navigate your post-college journey, there are several financial considerations to remember, such as paying off student loans and planning for the future. This page serves as a helpful resource to guide you along the way. Even after you've completed your degree, remember that the Coe College Student Financial Services Office is always available to support you in achieving financial success.

To find out what type of federal government loan (Federal Direct Loans and Perkins Loans) you have, visit You can log in from there with your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID). 

If you are unsure who your Private/Alternative Student Loan servicer is, you can look it up by pulling your credit report at:

If you have questions about your Institutional Student Loan (Canfield, McElroy, Smith, Crimson & Gold) you obtained at Coe, you can contact Student Financial Services or Coe's loan servicer, Heartland/ECSI

You can reach us via email at or by phone at 319.399.8540. Additionally, you are welcome to drop by our office for assistance. We are always happy to help!

Federal Direct Loan Repayment (Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Student and Parent PLUS Loans)


Student loan payments have resumed since the COVID-19 payment pause ended. Most borrowers' first payment after the pause was due in October 2023.

Federal Perkins and Institutional Loan Repayment 

Repayment was not paused, and these loans do not qualify for the one-time Debt Relief Program. Repayment options differ from Direct Student Loans options.

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