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Staff Advisory Group Projects

Current Projects

The following is a comprehensive list of ongoing projects the Staff Advisory Group is working on implementing for the academic year.

  • Listening/Focus Groups: SAG members would like to meet with small groups over the fall, as individual members, to collect feedback and discuss ideas, to build relationships with staff and to be conduits of information to senior staff.
  • Staff Workshops: SAG would like to offer some lunch and learn topics that will be perceived as valuable to campus staff and will incorporate our desire to improve communication and relationships.
  • Campus Communication: SAG would like to help begin a campus communication to share successes, do staff highlights, introduce new people, share service recognition and awards, etc.
  • Staff Advisory Group Connections: SAG will also think about how we can create accessibility to the group and with each other in the fall whether it be a website, a Linkedin Coe page for staff who want to connect to each other, a my.coe tab, etc.
  • All Staff Meeting Role: SAG would like to partner with the President's Office and senior staff to take a more formal role in planning/hosting quarterly all staff meetings, and would like to open those conversations up to dialogue and topics staff members would like to share or hear updates about!


  • Formed the Staff Advisory Group
  • Formed mission, purpose, vision
  • Created campus survey to identify areas of focus and improvement
  • Hosted a campus conversation to discuss opportunities for improvement of communication at Coe and how we defined communication
  • Hosted a Staff Barbeque after the academic school year ended to enhance relationships
  • Partnered with senior staff to offer a Staff "Flunk Day" day off