About the Jazz Summit and Jazz Summit History

The Coe College Jazz Summit

Held annually the last weekend in February, the Jazz Summit features appearances by jazz musicians from throughout the nation and has even, on four occasions, attracted international artists (2000 - Delbert Bernabela, Ivan Quandus; 1994 - Jim Mair, Canada; 1995 - Delbert Bernabela, Ivan Quandus, and Carlos Bislip, Aruba, and Victor Mestas , Venezuela; 1996 - Ignacio Berroa, Cuba). School jazz bands and enthusiastic jazz aficionados from throughout the Midwest flock to Coe College to get clinics from the guests and to hear them perform. The Jazz Summit was founded in 1992 and continues a tradition of jazz festivals at Coe College that stretches back to the 1970's. During this period, the festival has grown from an afternoon event with an evening concert, to a three-day festival encompassing clinics, workshops, a jazz band competition which accommodates almost 2000 musicians from ninety different high school and middle school jazz bands, an awards ceremony, and the Grand Finale concert featuring the jazz ensemble from Coe College and performances by the guest artist. 

The predecessor of the Jazz Summit was called the Horizons Jazz Festival and featured artists ranging from Ed Shaughnessy and Count Basie to John Scofield and Rich Matteson. 

Coe also has a long history of hosting jazz events in a concert setting. Guests have included Danny Barber, The Motion Poets, Richard Stoltzman, The United States Army Jazz Ambassadors, The Either/Orchestra, Bobby Shew, and Chick Corea with Bob Berg, John Patitucci and Gary Novak. And it's been a few years, but even the great Louis Armstrong has graced the stage of Sinclair Auditorium. 

2022: Ed East, percussion and vocals; Blake Shaw, bass and vocals

Jazz Summit 2021 was canceled due to COVID.

2020: Adam Meckler, Trumpet/Composer 

2019: Doug Talley, saxophone; Dana Hall, drums 

2018: Jarrard Harris,saxophone 

2017: Matt Wilson, drums 

2016: Marques Carroll, trumpet 

2015: The Quartet of Happiness 

2014: Sherrie Maricle, drumset, Tanya Darby, trumpet 

2013: Michael Nelson, Trombone, Mark Maegdlin, organ 

2012: Steve Allee, piano 

2011: Virginia Mayhew, Saxophone; Craig Boche, vocals 

2010: Doug Talley, saxophone; Mark Maegdlin, organ 

2009: Tommy Giampietro, drums, Rod Pierson, sax, faculty soloists: Al Naylor, trumpet, William Carson, clarinet 

2008: The Quartet of Happiness 

2007: Paul McKee, trombone; Eric Schmitz, composer 

2006: The Southwest Horns (a jazz saxophone quintet) 

2005: Fred Sturm, composer/conductor; Mark Urness, bass; Bob Long, saxophone 

2004: Mike Vax, trumpet; Doug Talley, saxophone 

2003: Dean Sorenson, trombonist/composer; Bob Baca, trumpet; Eric Allen, saxophone; Todd Munnik, saxophone; Bob Dunn, guitar. 

2002: Ray Blue, Saxophone; Kirk Garrison, trumpet; Charged Particles: Jon Krosnick, drums; Caleb Hutslar, keyboards; Andy Woodson, bass. 

2001: Virginia Mayhew, Saxophone; Audrey Morrison, Trombone; Mike Parkinson, Trumpet; Dan Knight, Piano; Bob Dunn, Guitar; Ric Swanson, Drums; Ray Blue, Saxophone, HORIZON US Navy Jazz Group. 

2000: Delbert Bernabela, saxophone; Bob Dunn, guitar; James Warrick, drums; Jae Sinnett, Percussion; Allen Farnham, Piano; Terry Burrell, Bass; Brent Sandy, Trumpet; Ivan Quandus, Bass; Ray Blue, Saxophone. 

1999: Jeff Jarvis, trumpet; Ron Carter, saxophone; Len King, trombone; Valerie Nicholson, piano; Bob Dunn, bass and guitar; Dave Bayles, drums. 

1998: Steve Wiest, trombone; Brent Sandy, trumpet; John DeSalme, Jr., saxophone; Reggie Thomas, piano; Bob Dunn, bass and guitar; Randy Kuehn, drums.

1997: Frank Mantooth, piano; Audrey Morrison, trombone; Art Davis, trumpet; Ron Carter, saxophone; Jim Warrick, drums; Bob Dunn, bass 

1996: Byron Stripling, trumpet; Scott Bliege, trombone; Mike Kocour, piano; Ignacio Berroa, drums; Doug Talley, saxophone; and Bob Dunn, bass. 

1995: Delbert Bernabela, saxophone; Victor Mestas, piano; Ivan Quandus, bass; Carlos Bislip, Jr., drums; Mike Parkinson, trumpet; and Ron Carter, saxophone. 

1994: Jim Mair, saxophone; Ted DiSanti, trumpet; Jim Warrick, drums; and David Dunn, bass. 

1993: Frank Mantooth, piano; Kim Park, saxophone; Tony Garcia, trombone; Paul McKee, trombone; Larry Kohut, bass; and Phil Gratteau, drums. 1992: Byron Stripling, trumpet; Lou Fischer, bass; Shelly Berg, piano; Alan Lawrence, drums; James Warrick, drums; and John Wojcik, trumpet. 

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