General Information


Coe College is located at 1220 First Ave. NE in Cedar Rapids. I-380, exit 20, provides easy access. Follow signs to Coe College. All scheduled events take place in Marquis Hall, Dows Theater and Sinclair Auditorium.


Loading and unloading of equipment vehicles and busses takes place on First Avenue Westbound, in front of Sinclair Auditorium. Please follow the instructions of the load-in supervisors and band hosts. There will be no parking of busses, equipment vans or trailers at the site. See bus directions at for off-site parking information. Plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before the scheduled time. The souvenir photographs are not scheduled at a specific time. You can have them taken either before or after you performance, whichever is more convenient for you. Make sure you include this in your travel plans and let the band greeter know which you prefer. You are encouraged to arrive earlier (and stay later!) and listen to other bands, but please be aware — our facility does not have homerooms for people to wait around. If you arrive early or stay late, please plan to have your students listen to other bands perform and get clinics.

Information for parents of participants

Parking near the college is at a premium. On Thursday and Friday, most college lots are reserved for our students and staff and vehicles without a Coe permit may be ticketed or towed. Parents and supporters should plan to carpool and arrive early to find parking.


Please be advised that the restrooms in Marquis Hall are very small. You may prefer that students arrive in their performance attire to avoid unnecessary congestion in the restrooms.


When you arrive in front of Sinclair, load-in supervisors will tell you what to do with bulky equipment. Jazz Summit staff members will assist your crew with transporting the equipment to the holding area. Equipment will be kept in a queue, waiting to be moved into performance area. Shared storage rooms are available in Sinclair/Marquis, and the inner lobby of Dows Theater serves as storage area for small cases and other equipment throughout the day. The main lobby of the Dows Building is not part of the Jazz Summit, and no instruments should be left there. Please be aware that the storage rooms will be shared with the other bands. You will need to pack your cases and other equipment in tightly, as we will often have four or more bands sharing the same storage room. Please label all equipment with the school name, so that there is no confusion about ownership of similar-looking instruments. The only equipment available in each center will be a piano, vibraphone, chairs, stands and a rug for your drum set. Please bring all your own drum set equipment, amplifiers, cables, etc. (Thanks to CR Washington HS and Prairie HS for providing vibraphones!)


Please keep an eye on your students. We have, occasionally, had items disappear from art and theater facilities. These people are kind enough to share their facilities with us, and we would not be able to offer a festival of this quality without their support. Please do not allow students to play any pianos in storage rooms. Thanks for having chaperones and other responsible parties with your students at all times.

Warm-Up, Performance and Clinic

Approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled time, start bringing your band to the performance area (Sinclair Auditorium Stage, Daehler-Kitchin Auditorium, Marquis Hall Room 1, or Dows Theater stage). The only equipment available in each center will be a piano, vibraphone, chairs, stands and a rug for your drum set. Please bring all your own drum set equipment, amplifiers, cables, etc. (Thanks to CR Washington HS and Prairie HS for providing vibraphones!) Approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled time, your band should be quietly waiting in the hallway outside the performance area. Your band will have one hour on stage to set up, warm up, tune, present your performance, receive a clinic from one of the judges and tear down and remove your equipment. You may divide this time however you see fit. Just a reminder: The more time you spend in setup and warmup, the less time you will have with your clinician.

Conductor's scores are not required for the judges. The adjudicators will listen to your performance and make written comments on the ballot. They will not make verbal/recorded comments.The adjudicators will rank your performance (unless you have requested comments only) compared to the other bands in your IHSMA classification, using the adjudication form. Second and Third bands will be judged in a separate classification unless you have specifically requested otherwise. Each band will receive a high-quality audio recording of theirvperformance; directors will receive an email link to the recording after the festival.

Solo awards

Judges will select one outstanding soloist in each classification and may also recognize up to four honorable mentions. Only soloists in competing bands are eligible for the outstanding soloist award. Outstanding soloists will be awarded an iTunes gift card at the Grand Finale Concert.


Based on feedback from judges and participating directors, we use limited or no amplification in our smaller performance venues. Judges have indicated that the most successful bands adjust their volume so the performance is balanced without microphones —especially in the smaller venues of Room 1, Dows and D-K.

Room 1 will have no microphones.

Dows and D-K will each have one microphone available. Judges have suggested only using this microphone if absolutely necessary (a solo feature with heavy ensemble backgrounds, for example). We will provide someone to run the volume on this microphone if you request it, but we encourage you provide someone familiar with your band to adjust the volume to your liking.

Sinclair Auditorium will have one microphone on the piano and 3 additional microphones for you to use as you choose.

After the Clinic

All equipment belonging to your band must be removed by the end of your hour so that the following band can begin its setup on time. Cases may be stored in the homerooms, and larger equipment may be left backstage. The final ranking will be announced during the Grand Finale concert Saturday evening and emailed and posted on the web at on Sunday. After the concert, we will email scanned copies of your ballots. Plaques and solo awards will be mailed to participants who were not in attendance at the concert. No rankings after third place will be made public, and no detailed summaries of scores are made available.