Unloading Instructions

A reminder — we have been directed by the city of Cedar Rapids to pass along these instructions concerning unloading and loading of buses and equipment for Jazz Summit:

  • Unloading and loading of buses and equipment must take place on First Avenue immediately in front of Coe’s campus. The recessed parking lane will be reserved for this purpose. Coe students will be on hand at the street to facilitate unloading and loading. Please follow any directions they may give.
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING on First Avenue on the north side. All vehicles must be unloaded and moved immediately.
  • Buses should proceed to reserved parking as shown on the map available on the Jazz Summit website.
  • Directors should proceed to the lobby of Sinclair Auditorium (band members should wait outside) where you will be met by a Coe student who will:
    • Direct you and your band to your storage area and performance area.
    • Ask when/if you will be taking a souvenir photo.
  • Weather permitting (they do not drive well in snow), we will have gators and student drivers available to help transport bulky equipment (drum sets, heavy amps, etc.) from First Avenue to the performance areas.