Coe Traditions

Since 1851, Coe traditions have united and energized the Kohawk campus and community. Once a Kohawk, always a Kohawk!

Victory Bell

The Victory Bell has been a part of Coe's tradition since 1913.

Charlie Kohawk

Charlie has been Coe's mascot since 1922.

History of Coe

Coe College claims the shortest name of any American institution of higher education, but the school has actually carried five titles through its history.

Flunk Day

Flunk Day is a Coe tradition which began in 1911. Classes are canceled for a day in the Spring so the student body can enjoy an all-school picnic, outdoor activities, entertainment and fun.


Homecoming weekend includes music performances, the traditional football game, an alumni reunion and a 50th Class Reunion.

Coe songs

A collection of three Coe songs: "Hail Hail to Coe," "I want to go back to Coe Again," and "An Evening Song," put to video clips from the 1939 Coe Film.