1851 Society

Named to celebrate our founding year and the visionary gifts that funded Coe, the 1851 Society honors donors who make leadership commitments to the college's Annual Fund each year.

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Annual Fund gifts are a vote of confidence in Coe and allow the greatest flexibility to respond to evolving needs and opportunities. Your gift will serve to build momentum into the next fiscal year, and most importantly, for our next generation of students. Coe's 1851 Society recognizes any donor that gives $1,851 or greater to Coe's Annual Fund.

As an 1851 Society supporter you are making a gift that supports the area of greatest need for the college, meaning that each gift has a direct and immediate impact on Coe.

We look forward to honoring members at all levels with periodic insider updates and special engagement event opportunities to connect with Coe and one another. To continue your support within the 1851 Society, or to commit to its inaugural year visit https://support.coe.edu/1851.

Looking for more information about the 1851 Society and/or support opportunities to the Annual Fund? Contact Director of Annual Fund, Mégan Valenta at mavalenta@coe.edu.

Giving Levels

Legacy: $1,851 - $4,999
Victory Bell: $5,000 – $9,999
Daniel Coe: $10,000 - $24,999
Presidents: $25,000+