The lasting memories you'll take with you after your four years at Coe won't be about that homework assignment you turned in to your rhetoric professor about the wonders of the Id, the Ego, and the Superego, or that exam you stayed up all night studying for - your memories will be about the friendships you forged and the activities you experienced. In fact, you'll spend about 70 percent of your time at Coe outside the classroom!

Campus coffeeshopBecause Coe is a residential campus, you'll have the opportunity to live on campus in one of our residence halls or College-owned apartments during your four years at Coe, where your classmates will be your neighbors and your neighbors will be your friends. You will have a Resident Assistant (R.A.) assigned to your floor who will serve as a confidant and expert on life at Coe, and help make your transition to college life easy.

You'll have numerous opportunities to get involved in clubs and activities at Coe - such as the Coe Theatre Arts Group, the International Club, clubs for almost any major, and a number of fraternities and sororities—where you can meet new people, make a difference, and have fun! Want to work up a sweat? We also offer a number of intramural and club sports that are available to all students.

Although activities and organizations are fun, your academics and overall well-being are our top priority. In order to ensure your success both inside and outside the classroom, you can take advantage of services such as our Academic Achievement Program, , and Health and Counseling Services.

And finally, if you're bursting with Kohawk pride, we've got you covered. Visit the bookstore in Gage Memorial Union and pick up a Coe t-shirt, or a variety of other Coe memorabilia. Along the way, you can stop by "The U" or Charlie's (The P.U.B.) and grab a bite to eat.

Student walking on campus