Over 100 years of gathering together to celebrate Coe memories, traditions and fighting on, you Kohawks!

Coe’s first Homecoming took place on Friday, November 13, 1913. Arranged by student organizations and members of the faculty, the weekend was a time for alumni to gather and attend a Coe vs. Cornell game. The schedule of festivities began Thursday, February 12, with a mass meeting for Coe students and alum to “let out that old Coe spirit and get acquainted with our new Coe spirit,” (Cosmos October 20, 1913). Friday would include class reunions in the morning, a luncheon, and the Coe vs. Cornell game in the afternoon. The Homecoming game was the last of the varsity season, and hotly contested. Kohawks of past and present filled the 2,000 seats and stood three deep on both sidelines and ends, (Cosmos November 17, 1913). The game ended in a scoreless tie. 

The Sights & Sounds of Coe Homecoming 2023 from Coe College on Vimeo.

Homecoming 2024

Mark your calendar for Homecoming 2024 - September 26-28

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Memories of Homecomings past...