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Central Iowa Works Reentry Simulation

Central Iowa Works Reentry Simulation

Coe College is excited to host the Central Iowa Works Reentry Simulation on Wednesday, April 6 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM at Coe College.  

The simulation allows participants to gain an understanding of the obstacles offenders face upon release from a term of incarceration. By “living the life” of someone released from prison, participants experience first-hand the barriers and challenges encountered by returning citizens on a daily basis.

This simulation will consist of participants role-playing the part of an individual recently released from incarceration and attempting to successfully reenter society. Once they receive their fictional backstory, participants will be asked to “navigate a month-in-the-life of that person” consisting of four 15-minute “weeks” where participants interact with various stations that represent barriers to reentry (e.g., getting a state identification, attending mandatory counseling, looking for employment, etc.).  

We will be able to accommodate up to 100 participants in this simulation, which will run for approximately two hours.  

Please RSVP here to reserve your spot (we expect available spots will fill up prior to the day of the event). If you are unable to RSVP before the event, know that you are certainly welcome to attend and participate if there are available spots or watch the simulation play out as a spectator (there will be ample space to spread out).  

Additionally, we will need volunteers to work at each station that participants cycle through. If you would like to volunteer to work at one of these stations, or if you have any questions, please email Neal McNabb at