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Course Requirements

Sample Four-Year Plan

The organizational science major is a collateral and interdisciplinary program of study designed to acquaint students with human behavior in organizations from both theoretical and applied perspectives. The program aims to prepare students to carry out various human resources, organizational development, customer service, and institutional research functions in a variety of organizational settings. It also prepares students for graduate study in the fields of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology, human resources, quantitative methods, and other similar fields. Required courses in quantitative methods form the core of the major, complemented by required and elective coursework on relevant topics within the disciplines of psychology and business administration that are central to the field. An internship or research experience is also required.

The following represents only one of many paths students can take to complete the major in organizational science with a psychology major.

Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog to review all of your options.

First Year

  • PSY-115 Introductory Psychology 
  • BUS-275 Principles of Management

Second Year

  • PSY-200 Research Methods 
  • PSY-225 Introduction to Biopsychology
  • PSY-245 Organizational Psychology
  • BUS-245 Human Resource Management 
  • BUS-375 Business Ethics

Third Year

  • PSY-301 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis
  • BUS-315 Business Law I
  • BUS-340 Applied Regression Analysis
  • PSY-335 Social Psychology 
  • PSY-385 Learning and Behavior

Fourth Year

  • PSY-405/ -400 Memory and Cognition and Laboratory
  • PSY-475 Testing and Measurement
  • PSY-295 Applied Contemporary Psychology and PSY-895 Internship in Psychology