Coe College announces Transfer+

A transfer option allowing students with an associate degree to bypass additional general education requirements and immediately engage with the state’s premier faculty, career services and internships in their field of interest

Following National Community College Month, Coe College is announcing Transfer+. This updated transfer admission policy is a game changer for community college students considering transferring to Coe College, a 4-year college, to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Beginning this fall, students who have earned an associate degree can transfer to Coe and bypass additional general education requirements, exponentially increasing the potential to graduate with a bachelor's degree in two years. Students who are eligible will be able to immediately take upper level courses that will apply to their chosen major.

Students can expect to benefit from this straightforward credit transfer plus immediate access to nationally ranked services. Coe is recognized as having the #7 Most Accessible Professors, the #8 Career Services and being the #12 Best Private School for Internships by The Princeton Review. Transfer+ accelerates student engagement in internships, networking and research alongside accessible professors to quickly expand their professional possibilities.

Additional transfer benefits at Coe include the opportunity to take some overload credit without charge, a 4-4-1 academic calendar which includes a free May Term for transfers with the possibility of studying off campus and a dedicated transfer advisor and transfer orientation course to quickly become acclimated to the resources at Coe.

Transfer+ creates a clear path for transfer students who are career-minded and want to immediately benefit from our location in Cedar Rapids. Coe’s investment in our relationships locally is one of the key factors that allow our students to graduate with a robust resume,” said Coe College Senior Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Institutional Effectiveness Julie Staker ’93.

“Most of these students will enter Coe with junior status, so the timing is perfect to engage in the classes and experiences that guide them professionally as their career is fast approaching. The removal of additional general education requirements honors the work students have already completed and allows them to explore and connect immediately as they prepare to enter the Corridor's workforce,” Staker continued. 

Surrounded by businesses and non-profit organizations in the heart of Iowa’s second largest city, Coe is the only Iowa college or university nationally ranked in key professional development categories like career services and internships. Transfer+ will ensure incoming community college students access these resources quickly with clear integration points into the local business community as growing and retaining the future local workforce remains a priority for the college. For more than a decade, nearly 100% of reporting graduates have been employed or in grad school within nine months of graduation.

“Everyone deserves access to the individual and immersive education that Coe provides. This is a place where you can meet challenges head on and take your learning into the field — it’s a place where you maximize your talent and effort,” said Associate Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admission Josh Kite. “Transfer students will have the opportunity to start internships right away to build a network and strong resume with the help of C3: Creativity, Careers, Community.”

“I applaud the vision of the faculty to honor the work these students have completed and simultaneously develop pathways for associate degree holders to pursue a bachelor's degree at Coe. We are thrilled to provide this opportunity and continue contributing to the local workforce,” said Coe College Provost and Dean of the Faculty Angela Ziskowski.

Transfer+ is the latest in a series of steps the college has taken to ensure a Coe education remains accessible for all students who want to extend their education at a nationally ranked college. 

Coe already offers a full-tuition scholarship reserved for a transfer student, while the average financial aid offer for transfers is over $48,000 (after scholarships, grants, loans and work-study are applied). 

Last summer, Coe was a recipient of a grant awarded to the Iowa Private Transfer Collaborative, which funded increased communication and partnership to ensure a more seamless transfer of academic credits to produce higher retention rates among transfer students.

Degree completion timeline is contingent upon courses completed prior to transfer and requirements of the student's chosen major. Students interested in pursuing the benefits of Transfer+ should contact the Office of Admission at 319.399.8500 or

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