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Title IX

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Coe College is committed to providing a learning environment that is free of all forms of sexual misconduct. Our Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy contains Coe College’s policies and procedures for preventing, reporting and responding to sexual misconduct and other forms of interpersonal violence. This guide also contains information about resources and remedies for all students, staff, faculty and other members of the Coe College community who have experienced or been affected by prohibited conduct. Coe College does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its education programs or activities, including its admissions process and employment. Questions about the application of Title IX to Coe College may be referred to Coe College’s Title IX Coordinator:

Olivia Pendleton, Coe College Title IX Coordinator
Phone Number: 319.399.8843
Office Location: Student Life Office in Upper Gage

The Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy is available to view here.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex against any person in education programs and activities receiving federal funding. Title IX concerns sexual harassment and sexual assault in all forms, including rape, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. It applies to all members of the Coe College community.

At Coe College, the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy is based on affirmative consent. Consent to engage in sexual activity must be given knowingly, voluntarily and affirmatively. Consent to engage in sexual activity must exist from the beginning to end of each instance of sexual activity, for each form of sexual contact and by each participant in a sexual encounter. Consent to one form of sexual activity does not constitute consent to engage in all forms of sexual activity. Consent must be demonstrated through mutually understandable words and/or clear, unambiguous actions that indicate a willingness to engage freely in sexual activity. A person who is incapacitated cannot give affirmative consent.

Consent is active, not passive. Consent cannot be inferred from silence, passivity, lack of resistance, nonverbal cues, or lack of an active response alone. A person who does not physically resist or verbally refuse sexual activity is not necessarily giving consent. Relying on non-verbal communication can lead to misunderstandings or potential policy violations.

Consent can be withdrawn by either party at any time. Withdrawal of consent can also be outwardly demonstrated by mutually understandable words and/or clear, unambiguous actions that indicate a desire to end sexual activity. Once withdrawal of consent has been expressed, sexual activity must cease.

Individuals with a previous or current intimate relationship do not automatically give initial or continued consent to sexual activity. Even in the context of a relationship, there must be mutually understandable communication that clearly and unambiguously indicates a willingness to engage in sexual activity.

Reporting an incident of sexual misconduct

If any member of the Coe community believes that another member of the community has violated the sexual misconduct policy, they may file a report. Reports can be made to the Title IX Coordinator or to a Deputy Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators at Coe College include:

Olivia Pendleton
Coe College Title IX Coordinator
Office: Student Life Office in Upper Gage

Andrea Conner
Coe College Interim Senior Student Life Officer
Student Life Office in Upper Gage

Michelle Miers
Associate Director of the TRIO - SSS
Learning Commons in Lower Level of Library

Carlos Velez
Director of Security
Upper Gage Hallway

Nicole Jaeger
Director of Human Resources
Lower Voorhees

Kelly Yordi
Human Resources & Benefits Coordinator
Lower Voorhees

Students, staff and faculty members can utilize this Sexual Misconduct Report Form to document their experience and share with the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator. An anonymous report form is also accessible in the below section titled “Reporting confidentially.”

In addition to the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators, please know that all employees of the college (both faculty and staff) are non-confidential resources and therefore, are mandatory reporters. If a Coe College faculty or staff member is informed of an incident involving sexual misconduct, they are required to inform the Title IX Coordinator. Once the Title IX Coordinator is informed about an incident, the coordinator can provide appropriate outreach to the impacted individual.

Reporting confidentially

If a member of the Coe College community wants to report an incident of sexual misconduct, but would like to keep certain details of the incident confidential, they can utilize this Anonymous Sexual Misconduct Report Form. Coe College will not be able to follow-up and discuss options for resolution without the name of the reporter. Please know that the anonymous reporter can change their mind, at any time, and come forward with their identifying information and their report. Those anonymous reporters who later wish to provide their identifying information should contact the Interim Title IX Coordinator, Paula O'Loughlin.

In addition, Coe College wants anonymous reporters to receive support and know that the college cares for them. Please see the following list of confidential resources available both on- and off-campus. Students can access these confidential resources even if they choose not to report.

Confidential on-campus resources

Emily Barnard
Assistant Dean of Health and Wellness
Student Life Office in Upper Gage

Cathy Muller
Student Care Coordinator and Counselor
Student Life Office in Upper Gage


Ivy Martinson
Certified Medical Assistant
Health Services, Lower P.U.B.

Jayne Thompson                                                    College Chaplain                                                      Student Life Office in Upper Gage                      319.399.8843                                                  

Kayla Waskow                                                        Athletics                                                                  Arc 214D                                                                  319.399.8265                                                  

Confidential off-campus resources

Filing a formal complaint

Individuals who believe that sexual misconduct has occurred may file a “formal complaint” of sexual misconduct. A formal complaint is subject to the grievance procedure in the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy and must be investigated. Coe College students, faculty, staff, administrators and others may be subject to a formal complaint of sexual misconduct.

To file a formal complaint, a complainant must sign by hand, or by digital signature, a document that alleges sexual misconduct against a respondent and request that Coe College investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct. Title IX only permits individuals who are participating, or are attempting to participate, in an educational program or activity of Coe College, to file a formal complaint. This would include, but is not limited to, current students of Coe College, applicants for enrollment to Coe College, and other individuals who participate, or are attempting to participate in Coe’s educational programs or activities.

Coe College’s Formal Complaint form is available here. Individuals who wish to file a formal complaint can submit a completed formal complaint by email, by mail or in-person by submitting it to the Title IX Coordinator, who is available at:

Olivia Pendleton, Coe College Title IX Coordinator
Phone Number: 319.399.8843
Office Location: Student Life Office in Upper Gage

Title IX Team Training

Members of the Title IX Team receive training on their roles. Coe College Title IX is a Community Partner of Institutional Compliance Solutions (ICS) and utilizes online training sessions through ICS Title IX University. Training materials for the Title IX Team are included below.

All members of the Title IX Team review Title IX 101:

In addition, all members of the Title IX Team receive training specific to their specific roles. These role-specific training sessions include: 

Additional Title IX Team Trainings

For more information about Title IX at Coe College, please contact