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Course Requirements - French

"The French and Francophone Studies Program at Coe College has a certain je ne sais quoi with its wide range of subjects for me to learn about, ranging from history, literature, translation, film, and many more things. I was able to expand my knowledge of the French language and culture through both studying and traveling to Paris with the May term the department offers. Without the opportunities the French department offered me, I wouldn't be who I am today."

August Lee ’19

French & Francophone Studies

There are many options available for students to pursue their love of French at Coe, no matter where they begin their studies. We offer a major and a minor in French & Francophone Studies, as well as in Interdisciplinary French & Francophone Studies

Upper-level courses range from studies in cultural history, literature, and film, to creative writing and performance, translation, and pre-professional French. We offer  May Term courses to Paris (and beyond), exchange programs with universities in France (Valenciennes), Switzerland (Neuchâtel) and Québec (Chicoutimi) and opportunities on and off-campus to develop skills and connections with local francophone communities.

Graduates have been awarded Fulbrights, have been accepted into the competitive TAPIF program offered by the French embassy to teach English in France, have earned Ph.D.'s in Anthropology and Comparative Literature and have entered into a wide variety of careers paths including medicine, finance and accounting, education, international development and relations, psychology and social services.

The language and intercultural skills you gain will enrich your life at and beyond Coe. Check the Coe catalog for a full listing of courses and requirements.