Resolution on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Board of Trustees hereby resolves and directs as follows: 

(a) The Board expresses its support for the proposals made by the College’s Black Self- Educated Organization (BSEO) in its email to the Coe Community sent on June 4, 2020, and directs the College administration to work with the Coe community and BSEO to address the points raised in the June 4 email. 

(b) The Board create an appropriate mechanism to ensure that the topic and subject of racism and discrimination, and how the College addresses it, shall be placed on the Board’s agenda at all forthcoming Board meetings. 

(c) All current and future members of the Board of Trustees shall be required to take anti- discrimination/implicit bias training, comparable to the training members of the 
Presidential Search Committee recently completed. Such training for current Trustees must be successfully completed at or before the Board’s meeting to be held in May 2021. 

(d) The College administration, as part of the on-going revision of the College’s General Education course requirements, shall require all incoming students to participate in and take an appropriate anti-discrimination/bias course or program. The College administration shall report back to the Board on its progress no later than the Board meeting presently schedule for January 2021. 

(e) The College administration shall create and organize a Task Force or suitable committee, with members to be drawn from across the greater College community, to address and consider issues of bias, discrimination, racism and diversity. At least two or more members of this subgroup shall be members of the Board of Trustees. This Task Force or committee shall report back to the Board on its initial activities and actions no later than the Board meeting presently scheduled for January 2021. The Task Force/Committee shall consider and/or address at least the following topics: 

  1. A sub-group or other appropriate person or persons shall be assigned the task of investigating the background and history of all individuals for which buildings are named on the College’s campus and individuals for whom endowed chairs of the College are named, to determine whether, and to what extent (if any), they engaged in, stated, or supported discriminatory or racist actions, or expressed such views, against any minority or ethnic group. A report on this topic, which does not need to be final, shall be presented to the Board and its meeting presently scheduled for January 2021. 
  2. Develop and propose distinctive programs at the College on social justice, systemic racism, and inequality. 
  3. Such other topics or projects as the Task Force/Committee may consider appropriate or as may further be directed by the Board.