Student Senate

Meet the Senate, who exists to communicate the needs and wants of our students.

Student Senate Spring 2022

Photo by Andrew Sloth.

About the Student Senate

Each year, 30 students from across campus are elected as Senators to help bridge the gap between faculty, staff, and students. Our job is to allocate funding to clubs and organizations, address living environment concerns, and overall, work to mold Coe College and its students' dreams.

Some of our favorite Senate ideas implemented on campus are:

  • LoCoe - an annual fall event that brings Cedar Rapids life to Coe with local food trucks and musical artists.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Project - to help anyone ever caught by surprise, Senate stocks all of the bathrooms in academic buildings with free tampons and pads.
  • Dropboxes - installed in centralized locations around campus, Dropboxes allow easy access to providing Senate with living environment concerns and feedback.


Student Senate is fully funded by the $142.50 Student Activities fee that every full-time student pays in their tuition each semester. Biannually, we allocate upwards of $180,000 to support clubs and the improvement of student life.

Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Student Senate helps to facilitate subcommittees and maintain order in meetings. At the beginning of each calendar year, student pairs are given the opportunity to run for the elected seats of the Student Body President and Vice President. The new leaders appoint the rest of their board with the approval of the Senate. The full Executive Board for the 2024 year is as follows:

  • Student Body President — Avery Babcock
  • Vice President of the Student Body —Logan Johnson
  • Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — Oyin Adewuyi
  • Treasurer — Harry Hawbaker
  • Communications Officer — Bryan Chavez-Ramirez
  • Recording Secretary — Anika Jensen
  • Chairperson — Cecilia Kintopf


Avery and Logan's Platform

Coming soon!


For any questions involving Student Senate or your Coe experience, please contact


Getting Involved

At the beginning of each academic year, a petition will be sent out to the full student body and students who want to join must obtain a predetermined number of signatures from their residence community. Once that is completed, a school wide poll will be emailed out and qualified candidates are elected in by members of that community.

All meetings are open to members of the Coe community. Anyone can address their concerns during the Open Forum section of Senate meetings. Meetings are held every Thursday at 7:00 pm in Cherry Auditorium, and copies of our minutes are available on our Moodle page!

Governing Documents

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