Information Technology Project Request

The Office of Information Technology receives a variety of project requests and requests for assistance.

These requests typically fall into one of the below categories. Examples are provided with each category but are not all inclusive. If you have questions please contact the Office of Information Technology at 319.399.8877 or

Emergency Requests:

Projects that need to be completed within a few minutes or the hour. Call 319.399.8877

  • Can't log into Jenzabar
  • Projector won't turn on in classroom
  • Payroll processing errors
  • Power outage
  • Moodle is down
  • Podium computer not working
  • Billing issue
  • Frozen batch process in Jenzabar
  • Course registration not working during designated registration period
  • Fiber cut

Short-Term Projects:

Projects that need to be completed within the day or a few days. Submit a School Dude request.

  • Can't connect to network in my office
  • Need additional software — office
  • Printer creating streaks on paper
  • Wireless is slow/can't connect
  • Need password reset
  • Changed name, need new email
  • Printer is out of paper
  • Can't connect to cable
  • Need guest account
  • Loaner equipment requests

Long-Term Projects:

Projects that require many days, weeks or even months to complete. Complete the form below.

  • Office moves
  • Remodeling rooms/buildings
  • Lab/classroom updates
  • Software request for lab
  • Upgrading PowerFAIDS
  • New software integration with Jenzabar
  • Faculty/staff computer upgrades
  • Changing bulk card reader access
  • New security cameras
  • Adding network ports
  • New report or views for Jenzabar

Use this form for long-term or large-scale projects.

Project Information

What does the finished product look like? *
Where should the finished product reside?


Please account for appropriate implementation time for all requests:
  • At least two weeks for report creation or updates, creating a page on My Coe or pulling data from Jenzabar.
  • At least three weeks for moving data into Jenzabar.
  • With new and more complex projects, turn around time may be longer.

Additional Information

Who is the audience? *
Once your request has been submitted, a project manager will be in contact with you regarding next steps and questions.