Campus Spaces

James H. Randall Intercultural Center

Established in 2016, this large space includes plenty of seating, study areas, a computer lab, full kitchen and A/V technology. It seeks to welcome students from all backgrounds and serves as a place where students can hang out, have meetings and enjoy a strong sense of belonging.

LGBTQIA+  Resource Center

This suite serves as a comfortable gathering space for our LGBTQIA+ student population and as a resource center for all who wish to learn more about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Reflection Room

As a location for students to practice individual prayer, meditation and relaxation, this space was created as a private refuge for individuals in need of respite. The massage chair makes this room a popular place to find peace and de-stress.

Poe Chapel

Located off of Sinclair Auditorium, Poe Chapel is open for individual and group prayer. 

These spaces are open to all Kohawks.