Residence Halls and Buildings

Coe College Residence Halls


These co-ed halls house 300 first-year residents on both single-gender and co-ed floors, with two bathrooms on each floor.

College-Owned Apartments

Primarily made up of upper-class students, these living options feature apartment-style living to help transition students to life after Coe. Students are able to prepare their own meals or eat in the dining hall.


Greene Hall is Coe's only all-male residence hall housing 220 residents.

Hampton Court

The Hampton Court Apartments have a prime location directly across from Stuart Hall. The two buildings contain 39 apartments that house 75 students.

Kohawk Village

Kohawk Village, located next to the ARC, houses 20 students.


Murray Hall houses 150 male & female first-year through senior students on both single gender and co-ed floors.


Voorhees Hall is Coe’s oldest residential living hall with 180 female residents