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Facts and Information

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If you don’t see the answer to your question about roommates and housing here, contact Residence Life at 319.399.8843 or


Are the residence halls co-educational?

All our residence halls are co-ed except Voorhees and Greene.  Some floors in Murray and Armstrong-Douglas are mix-gender.  On these floors students live with a roommate of the same gender, but will have neighbors of different genders mixed throughout the floor.  Please note that while most Armstrong-Douglas floors have two bathrooms, the mix-gender floors in Murray only have one bathroom shared by all students on that floor.  

Can I get my bedding/sheets from Coe?

Coe provides bedding/sheets to students for a fee (look for a mailing over the summer). Students are not required to get them from Coe, so if you get them from somewhere else, our mattresses require extra-long, twin-size bedding.

Does my residence hall have air conditioning?

All residence halls and rooms are air conditioned.

What are the dimensions of the dorm rooms?

On our website are dimensions of the various types of rooms in each dorm. Keep in mind if you'll share a room you will all be bringing items into the room, so plan accordingly.

Is there summer storage on campus?

Yes, but it is on a first-come basis and very limited. Any items stored must be in a sealed box, clearly marked with the resident's name and fall address. Boxes must be of reasonable size (oversized boxes will not be allowed). Refrigerators, televisions and microwaves may be stored without boxes. All storage items must comply with fire regulations.

How do I do laundry on campus? Do I need my own soap?

Coe provides free laundry for our residents! Each residence hall provides washers and dryers for your convenience, but students must supply their own high-efficiency liquid soap.

What size of refrigerator can I bring?

Each refrigerator can be no larger than 4.5 cubic feet in capacity. Keep in mind you'll need to carry your refrigerator into your room.

Does each residence hall have carpet?

Most dorm rooms have tile floors for sanitary purposes. Area rugs are allowed for your room, which you may want to purchase after you arrive, so you can see what will work in your room.

Can I move in to my residence hall early?

All early move-ins MUST be cleared by Residence Life in advance. You may reach the Residence Life Office at 319.399.8843 or

Can I build a loft for my room?

Lofts are not permitted unless rented through College Products. Here's a list of of which dorm rooms that lofts are permitted: Armstrong: 101, 109, 112, 202, 203, 204, 207, 209, 210, 211, 212, 220, 229, 230, 326, 404, 410, 412, 418, 419, 426, 427, 526.  Douglas: 147, 215, 216, 217, 256, 333, 336, 342, 344, 346, 446, 546.  All of Greene, Murray, and Voorhees are loftable.

How do I have repairs made in my room or apartment?

Residents can submit a work order anytime at this link: Work OrderIf the repair is not made in a timely manner please let Residence Life know.

Can I move the college furniture out of my room?

Coe College furniture cannot be removed from your dorm room or apartment. Students are charged for any missing furniture at the end of their time on campus.

What is an RA?

Each floor of a dorm, or section, has a Resident Assistant. These are returning students who have been highly trained on how to help their residents live on campus. They are your "go-to" people when you have questions about policies and services Coe offers. They're also good people to get to know to help you navigate Coe.

How can I access my residence hall room?

All Coe students will have an ID that will also give you access to your dorm. For fall 2020, you'll only have access to the dorm you are actually living in so that we can all practice social distancing. You'll also get a key to your room when you check in. You'll turn in your key when you check out at the end of the year. Please don't lose this key as there is a $100 key replacement charge. 

Can I bring a pet to campus?

Other than fish in a 20-gallon or smaller tank, pets are not permitted in the residence halls.  Coe allows students to bring Emotional Support Animals to campus, provided they're approved by Accessibility Services & Res Life ahead of time. Coe requires that the ESA and the owner must have been together for at least one year. To start the process email Residents who bring animals to campus that are not approved are fined $100 per day the animal is in the residence halls.

When can I change my meal plan?

Residents can change their meal plan only during the first week of classes each semester. Look for an email during that time with how to do this.

When will I know my roommate(s) and where we are living?

  • Students who submit their New Student Housing Application by April 8 will receive their roommate and housing information by April 15.
  • Students who submit their New Student Housing Application by April 25 will receive their roommate and housing information by May 13.
  • Students who deposit or submit their application by June 3 will receive their assignment after June 17.
  • Students who deposit or submit their application after June 3 will receive their assignments within 10-business days of submission of their application.

How do I complete the New Student Housing Application?

  • Please check your Coe email address. You will have a welcome email with a link to Residence by Symplicity.
  • You will be prompted to use your Coe username (everything in your email address before the and network password (same as your email and my.coe password) to log-in.
  • It will take you to your account, but to get to your application, you will have to click on HOME. Then click on your New Student Housing Application to start. You're able to save your progress if you don't want to submit it all at once.
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to

How are roommates paired?

The Office of Residence Life will pair roommates based on the roommate preferences on your Housing application. Please be as detailed and honest as possible so we can make a good pairing.

If I have a medical accommodation who do I work with on that?

Students who have a medical accommodation should initially contact Accessibility Services at to begin the process of seeking approval for a housing accommodation.