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Resources for Clubs and Organizations

Interested in creating a new student organization on campus? Here are some resources to aid in getting started.

In order to be recognized as a student group by Coe college, you will need to have the following:

  • At least five current full-time students who will be charter members of the group. They cannot be on disciplinary probation.
  • Two of the students will need to serve as president and treasurer. They cannot be on disciplinary probation. They can be two of the charter members or two other current full-time students.
  • A faculty or staff advisor who is willing to serve as an advisor. They should be interested in the activities of the organization. They need to be on campus and not retired, on sabbatical, etc.
  • A Student Organization Constitution. A prototype constitution is available here. If you would like to see examples of other student organization constitutions, please contact the student organization coordinator in the Student Life Office.
  • The president, treasurer and faculty/staff advisor as well as any other officers’ agreement that the proposed organization will follow all college policies including but not limited to the Civility Statement and the Political Activity Policy.

Step 1: IDEA — A new student organization should be unique and intentional. Think about the goals of your organization and what you will bring to the Coe community. If there are other student groups that are similar and already exist at Coe, what will be different about yours? You will need a well-organized purpose statement.

Step 2: INDENTIFY STUDENTS — You are required to have at least five students involved to start a new organization. There are two required officer positions: president and treasurer. Decide what you would like from your officers and seek out appropriate people. Add them to the New Student Organization Interest Form.  

Step 3: FIND A FACULTY/STAFF ADVISOR — The faculty/staff advisor should be interested in the activities of the organization and will provide overall insight and guidance on college policies and processes. The advisor needs to be full time and on campus so they can serve as a resource for students. Ask the faculty/staff advisor if they are willing to serve in this capacity. Add their name to the New Student Organization Interest Form

Step 4: WRITE A GROUP CONSTITUTION — Before you can be recognized by the college, you need to have a completed constitution. For a sample constitution, please go here. You will attach your constitution to the New Student Organization Interest Form.

Step 5: AGREE TO FOLLOW COLLEGE POLICIES —The president, treasurer and faculty/staff advisor must agree to follow college policies. Indicate their acceptance of these policies in the New Student Organization Interest Form.  

Step 6: REVIEW BY STUDENT LIFE — To be a recognized student group your application materials will be reviewed by Student Life staff. They will contact you within two weeks with a decision on recognition.  

Step 7: RECOGNITION — Once you are a recognized student organization on campus, you get the following benefits:

Benefits to Recognition:

  • Recognition as a college organization
  • Use of the college’s name [in accordance with the Coe College guidelines, see policies section]
  • Establishment of a financial account with the Business Office
  • Ability to make reservations for events and meetings on campus
  • Eligibility to be considered for Student Senate student activity fee allocations
  • Advertise organization activities through email, postings, etc.
  • Participate in the Organization Fair in the fall
  • Ability to create/use organization email account

Once we are a recognized student organization, how do we get funding for our activities?

  • If you want to get funding from Student Activities fees for your organization to pay for events, etc., please see the Student Senate Bylaws.  

Student Organization Policies: Fall 2020

Due to COVID-19, the Student Life Office has created a series of policies and procedures that all active student organizations must follow for the 2020-2021 academic year. To find out more about these policies, please review the Interim Student Organizations Policies

This document includes specific information on:

  1. Meetings
  2. Events
  3. Approved Meeting/Event Space
  4. Reservations & Posting

Student organizations hoping to host a meeting or event on campus, both virtually and in-person, must submit the Spring 2021 Event Request Form for approval from the Student Life Office.

Unaffiliated or outside organizations are prohibited from canvasing, tabling, and/or hosting events on the Coe College campus. Unaffiliated organizations may work with one of our current, registered student organizations to share information, host events, etc. on campus. 

Please review the Safe Campus Initiative for more information on campus-wide policies and procedures related to COVID-19. 

Questions about the Interim Student Organizations Policies may be directed to Programming & Student Organizations Coordinator Hayley Goddard ( 

Student Organization Policies

Travel Policy

In order to manage risk and ensure safety, Coe has a travel policy for student organizations and groups travelling for Coe-related activities.

Click here to review the travel policy and submit a travel request form.

Public Viewing (Showing TV, Movies)

Even though Coe is a private, educational institution, we need to abide by copyright laws in regard to public viewings of copyrighted movies and videos. The concept of "public performance" is central to copyright and clearly defined by the law. For films, this means anytime a movie is shown outside of someone’s home, it must be properly licensed.

What is a public performance?

  • Anytime a film viewing is in a public space (a lecture hall, a residence hall lobby, a meeting room, outside on the quad are all considered public spaces, even though Coe is considered private property).
  • If a viewing is open to the public (no matter where it is held).
  • If a viewing is open to people outside of a normal circle of friends/acquaintances, no matter where it is held (this would include a student organization hosting a movie night, an RA hosting a floor event, a department hosting a movie with a Q&A).

Generally speaking, ALL showings of films, videos or TV shows to an audience need to have a public performance license. The only time public performance rights are NOT needed is when an instructor is showing a film in the classroom as part of a scheduled class, which is open only to the members of that class.

How do I get a license?

Most licenses can be purchased through a licensing company such as Swank Motion Pictures. Coe student organizations or departments can obtain a license by contacting: Gabbi McMahon, Swank Motion Pictures at or 800.876.5577. Payments can be made via invoice/check or credit card. Visit for more information. For smaller films or educational documentaries, licensing can often be obtained directly from the producing company. Check the film's website for more information, or contact Hayley Goddard, programming & student organization coordinator, ( or Laura Riskedahl, head of audiovisual, for more information. Please let us know if you have any questions. Students and student organizations should contact Hayley Goddard (, and faculty/staff should contact Laura Riskedahl (

Raffles & Gambling

Coe College does not purchase a gaming license. As such, any form of gambling on Coe College property or involving college functions is prohibited, including raffles. Gambling is defined as playing a game for money or property or otherwise placing a bet on an uncertain outcome. Students found responsible for participating in gambling activities are subject to disciplinary action by the college under the applicable policies.

Food Service/Catering

Events hosted at Coe College should use Sodexo catering for any food or drink needs. Information about catering can be found here.


Students are not allowed to sign contracts on behalf of Coe College. If your student organization is planning on hosting an event for which a contract is required (for renting equipment, hosting a speaker, booking a vendor, etc.) please contact Hayley Goddard, programming & student organization coordinator, (

Political Activity Policy

Coe College is dedicated to providing students with an educational environment that will foster those habits of mind and action vital to engaged citizens in a democratic society. This is the goal of a liberal education, a goal that cannot be met without maintaining free and open inquiry within our college community. As an academic community, we also seek to have our engagement in political expression be of a civil and thoughtful form. As a tax exempt entity, Coe College is prohibited by federal law from participating in or attempting to influence campaigns for any elective office or ballot proposal. The following policy attempts to balance these competing considerations of free expression, civility and federal election law while providing members of the college community, its faculty, staff and students with guidance in conforming their political activity to these considerations.

Click here to access the Political Activity Policy

Additional Resources

Campus Facility Reservation Information

Advertising on campus

Posters — All copy services can be done through the print center, located next to the mailroom in Gage Memorial Union. Standard posters, as well as oversized copies, color copies, laminating, etc. can be done there. Student organizations with a business office account can charge to their account at the print center. Cash also is accepted.

Student Activities Calendar — A large-scale monthly and weekly events calendar can be used by student organizations that would like to have their event information posted for the public. If groups are interested in submitting an event, they can make the request here

Posting Policies

Any poster, sign or informational material posted on public bulletin boards must be approved by the campus information staff for posting. Approved postings will receive a stamp. Contact information for the sponsoring organization must be listed on the posting. Individuals/groups posting materials inappropriately may receive a fine at the discretion of the orientation & events coordinator and/or the programming & student organizations coordinator.

  • Posters must be neatly made and legible. This is up to the discretion of Gage Union staff.
  • Posters, signs or informational materials may be placed in residence halls subject to residence hall staff approval. In academic buildings, posters must be posted on bulletin boards.
  • Outdated (event has passed or three weeks from posting date) or inappropriately posted materials will be removed by Gage Union staff. However, it is expected the organization that posted the material will take them down when the event is over.
  • Large posters may be displayed in the Gage Union windows, only with proper reservation through campus information staff. Reservations of Gage windows may only be made for two weeks at a time.

Posters for events not affiliated with Coe College may only be posted in Gage Memorial Union on designated bulletin boards labeled “Off Campus Info” and “What’s going on in the Community.” Posters for events not affiliated with the college cannot be posted in academic buildings or residence halls.

Poster Room — Texas markers and paper are provided for student use in the poster room, located near the mailroom in Gage Memorial Union. These materials can be used by all students, especially to make large posters to display in the Gage windows. Windows can be reserved for student organization use through Campus Information for two weeks at a time only.

Chalking — Chalking on campus sidewalks must be pre-approved by the director of Campus Life, except for the patio behind the PUB, which is a designated open chalking zone.

Tabling outside the "U" —  Groups can reserve a table outside of the U by emailing Groups typically use these tables to advertise events by talking to students during mealtimes. Tables must be reserved ahead of time and are sometimes limited. If there are not tables out, see Campus Information to unlock the storage closet. Tables are to be set up and taken down by the group.