Excited group of students in front of the Victory Bell

Kayli Harlan

Kayli Harlan

Kayli Harlan

Assistant Director of International Recruitment

Territory: International
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Education: B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University '12
Major: International Relations

Email: kharlan@coe.edu
Cell Phone: 319.440.8480

What I look for in a student:

I look for leadership potential and an enthusiasm for learning. 

Favorite part of my job:

I love meeting so many wonderful people from so many places and cultures but all with a passion for education and determination to go to college.

One word your best friend would use to describe you:


Favorite Cedar Rapids hot spot:

Public Library

Favorite place on campus:

The water fountain by Clark Racquet Center

What are three things that people don’t know about you: 

  • I sing very loudly in the car. 
  • I love to watch beauty gurus on YouTube.
  • I speak Mandarin Chinese with a Shanghai accent.