Graduation Announcements

High School Graduation Announcements by Coe College

Coe College is excited to provide Kohawk graduation announcements for incoming students. This creation of a custom graduation announcement is free of charge for new students. Please choose from the designs below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to place your order. We will then provide you with a customized PDF that can be printed at your local print center (Kinkos, Copyworks, etc.) or through an online vendor (Vistaprint, Snapfish, etc.).

Option 1

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_04.jpgOption 4

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_07.jpgOption 7

Option 2

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_05.jpgOption 5

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_08.jpgOption 8

Option 3

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_06.jpgOption 6

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_09.jpgOption 9

Option 10

Option 11

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_12.jpgOption 12

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_13.jpgOption 13

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_14.jpgOption 14

Graduation_Cards_2023_V1_Page_15.jpgOption 15

Graduation Announcement Order

Please allow one to two weeks for the creation of your graduation announcements. You will receive a PDF that can be printed at any local print center or with an online vendor.

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