Stewart Memorial Library

Coe College Cosmos

This student run newspaper started in 1890 and is still published today.

The digitized versions from 1890-2019 are available in a searchable database here. The more current issues are available here in PDF version.

If an issue isn't available on this page, contact Laura Riskedahl at or call 319.399.8024.

Cosmos Archives

Thumbnail Title Date Posted Size
PDF file icon 2016-09-30_Cosmos.pdf 9/6/18 2,172.23 KB
PDF file icon 2016-09-23_Cosmos.pdf 9/6/18 2,351.54 KB
PDF file icon 2016-09-16_Cosmos.pdf 9/6/18 2,462.67 KB
PDF file icon 2016-09-09_Cosmos.pdf 9/6/18 1,649.45 KB
PDF file icon 2016-09-02_Cosmos.pdf 9/6/18 1,166.14 KB