Coe College band rehearsal

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble performs several times per year both on-and off-campus. Additional opportunities exist for students in small group (combo) playing and in improvisation and composition studies. Coe annually brings jazz professionals to campus for several days to work with the jazz students and perform with them in the popular Jazz Summit concerts.

Coe College Jazz Band

"I made some of my favorite musical memories while playing bass trombone in Coe College's Jazz Ensemble. The director, Steve Shanley, always picks fun, challenging music that is accessible to students of varying ability levels. For some students in the band, Jazz Ensemble is a favorite class and a way to meet friends who share their passion for music. It was that and much more for me. I am now a high school band director, and being involved with Jazz Ensemble gave me four solid years to absorb knowledge and pick up teaching tools from one of the best jazz educators in the country. Steve Shanley gave me one-on-one arranging lessons, allowed me to lead the band in rehearsal on my arrangements, and gave me advice on my rehearsal strategies. I use the tools and tricks I learned from him to help my students every day, and every time they smile with satisfaction at having learned a new note or a cool jazz riff, I am glad that I spent so much time in Coe College's Jazz Ensemble."

- Wes Anderson '15