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Course Requirements

Four-Year Plan

The following represents one of many paths students can take to complete a major in literature.

Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog to review all of your options.

First Year

  • FRE-215 Intermediate French I
  • FRE-225 Intermediate French II
  • ENG-187 Gender and Literature: United States Pluralism
  • ENG-101 Introduction to Literary Studies: The Art of Reading and Writing
  • FRE-145 French Literature in Translation

Second  Year

  • FRE-315 French Composition and Conversation
  • FRE-335 Introduction to French Literature 
  • ENG-246 Global Anglophone Literature

Third Year

  • ENG-301 The Art of Literary Research
  • ENG-415 Studies in European Literature

Fourth Year

  • LIT-705 Seminar in World Literature
  • FRE-495 Topics in French/Francophone Literature and Culture