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Successful Alumni

Gender Studies adds a perspective to your education that can be valuable in a wide variety of fields.

For example, past Coe students have paired a major (or minor) in Gender studies with Biology, Business Administration, English, Elementary Education, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Relations, Religion, Sociology, and Spanish. A major or minor in gender studies provides students with valuable skills and knowledge that is useful in a variety types of graduate study and of employment. Check out the list below for a sample of what our graduates are doing now:

Marissa Bouska

Marissa Bouska graduated in 2017 with majors in English, communication studies, and gender studies. She is an assistant editor at F&W Media in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Emily Davis graduated from Coe in 2017 with a major in biology and a minor in gender studies.  She is currently studying for her doctor of veterinary medicine at Kansas State University.

Leah Reuber

Leah Reuber graduated from Coe in 2011 with a major in philosophy and interdisciplinary major in journalism, and a minor in gender studies.  A native of Bellevue, Iowa, she completed her master's degree in post-secondary education: student affairs at the University of Northern Iowa.  She is assistant director of residence life at Grinnell College

"When I began work at a university which far surpassed Coe in size, I did not find myself void of the useful knowledge that would make my professional transition into the field of student affairs an easy one. My academic degrees and professional internship provided me with a gamut of relevant tools and theories which have proven to be quite applicable. I can use my philosophy degree to critique the ethics of any given student situation and I can use my gender studies minor to raise considerations about perceptions of gender at the college level and what that realistically looks like. Finally, my internship prepared me to deal with the direct expectations of a professional in this field, as well as a network of individuals and other resources which continue to provide me with countless opportunities post-graduation."

Sarah Small '08 holds a master's degree in public health from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.  She is now a senior management consultant at Management Analysis and Development after working at the Minnesota Department of Public Health.