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The Writing Center is a community of students dedicated to helping all Coe students become better writers and more engaged students in their academic studies. The Center currently employs 60 undergraduate staff members, ranging from students in their first term at Coe to graduating seniors. Wondering if you are the consultant type? If you like to write and enjoy a good conversation, you have the perfect combination of attributes for becoming an excellent consultant.

Why do people want to work in the Coe Writing Center?

Our consultants find it deeply satisfying to meet one-on-one with peers from across campus for conversations about writing. And they get paid to do it! Plus, the Coe Writing Center is a warm, supportive community of smart, creative, and quirky people. There are great fringe benefits, such as improving your own writing skills while helping others. And did we mention we offer free coffee and tea with each shift worked?

How much do consultants earn?

The Writing Center Fellowships are worth $1,300 per year. Most staff members work six hours per week–which does include the weekly one-hour staff meetings.

What are the requirements for staff training?

In addition to the weekly staff meetings, consultants are required to complete three semesters of Topics in Composition, a 0.3 credit staff development course. Staff members must complete the first two terms in their first year working in the Writing Center.

How do I apply?

Each year, there is an on-campus competition for high school seniors during Scholars Weekend. If you would like to be invited to participate in this competition you should contact your Coe admission counselor or Jane Nesmith, the Director of the Writing Center.

We also hire a few first-year students to begin working at the beginning of their sophomore year, so if you’re already on campus and have a work-study award, contact Jane Nesmith for information about how to apply.

For more information, contact:

Coe College Admission

Phone: 877.CALL.COE or 319.399.8500
Website: http://www.coe.edu/admission/
Email: admissions@coe.edu

Jane Nesmith, Director of the Writing Center
Email: jnesmith@coe.edu

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