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TRIO / Academic Achievement Program

Our Purpose

The TRIO Academic Achievement Program is an educational assistance program established at Coe College in 1978 to promote academic excellence, personal development and retention of college students who are traditionally underrepresented in post-secondary education because of family educational background, income or disability.

This federally funded grant program provides advising, career planning, scholarship resources, financial literacy education, study skills and time management help and much more to eligible students.

Selection of participants is based on academic merit. A student must be a U.S. citizen or registered permanent resident. In addition, a student must at least be one of the following:

  • Limited financially (according to federal guidelines); and/or
  • First-generation college student (neither parent has received a Bachelor's degree); and/or
  • Documented as having a disability.

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Academic Services

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Academic Advising

All Coe students have an assigned faculty advisor to help determine course schedules and offer other guidance. Students in the TRIO/AAP program can also work with the AAP staff to get additional guidance with course selection, course loads, meeting course requirements, adding/dropping courses, etc.

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Academic Coaching

The Academic Coach challenges students to think about their personal and/or professional goals and relate them to academic goals. Students become more self-aware through analysis of strengths, values, interests, purposes and passion.

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Time Management/Study Skills

TRIO/AAP staff provides a variety of college study skills strategies and time management suggestions to students via student panels, peer mentors and short video clips.

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Summer Bridge Program

A four-day program providing new students with a preview of Coe College courses. Students benefit from the advice and wisdom of upper-class students, staff and faculty who work with the program. The summer bridge also includes social activities, opportunities to become more familiar with Coe and Cedar Rapids, financial literacy, and much more...

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Supplemental Instruction

Academic assistance is offered by successful students who actually sit in on traditionally difficult courses and then hold regular small group sessions to review course content and discuss useful study strategies.

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Faculty approved student tutors are available in most academic areas. Tutors assist students one-one-one, in a group setting, or on a drop-in basis. There is no charge for tutoring services.

Additional Services

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Career Leadership & Development

Students can work with their Academic Coach to create a portfolio including many aspects of the career and leadership development process. The portfolio contains strength assessment tools, resume and a cover letter. It also includes a plan to develop necessary skills for today's workforce through classroom experiences and academic practicum and campus/community involvement.

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Graduate School/Professional School Preparation

Students are offered assistance with both the decision and process of applying to graduate school and/or professional school.

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Additional Grant Money

The College Completion Challenge Grant is offered to students in their first and second year at Coe College who are active in the TRIO/AAP Program, PELL Grant eligible and in need of significant financial assistance.

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Financial Planning

Staff provides information and guidance to students on topics such as budgeting, financial aid and financial decision making. The CashCourse program is an especially useful financial information resources utilized by TRIO/AAP to help raise financial awareness.

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Academic Accommodations

Services for students with disabilities are determined on a case-by-case basis and may include: note takers, special housing accommodations, help finding alternative textbooks, help with organization of class materials and assistance with course selection.

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Testing Services

Services include proctoring for students with approved academic accommodations or for instructor approved make-up exams. 

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Cultural Enrichment

Students are invited to attend cultural events (theatre, music, educational) in the local area. AAP provides tickets for a diverse mix of productions to enhance students appreciation for the arts and other cultures.