Student-led discussion group


Nathan Hodges

Nathan Hodges

Speaking Center Director
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies


Offers consultations (walk-in, by appointment), classroom workshops and campus events aimed at developing speaking skills within a variety of contexts; provides; Leads Teaching and Learning Workshops that address how to integrate oral communication into any classroom.


Alexys Forman

Year - Sophomore
Major(s) - Elementary Education (Minor: Communication Studies)
Hometown - Belvidere, IA
Interesting Tidbit - I have a dream to learn American Sign Language.


Alivia Nelson

Year - Senior
Major(s) - Psychology & Neuroscience
Hometown - Bondurant, IA
Interesting Tidbit - I went white water rafting over a 20-foot waterfall in New Zealand.


Alli Bartnick

Year - Senior
Major(s) - Communication Studies & Public Relations
Hometown - St. Louis, MO
Interesting Tidbit - I can bowl and play ping-pong equally well with either hand, I’m a certified lifeguard, and I adopted a puppy named Colt..


Breanna Moore

Year - Senior
Major(s) - Sociology (Minor: Communication Studies)
Hometown - Wallace, NC
Interesting Tidbit - I love working out, especially weightlifting and rock-climbing



Chris Arias

Year - Sophomore
Major(s) - English and Spanish
Hometown - Denver, CO
Interesting Tidbit - I was born on National Punctuation Day (fitting for an English major).


Cooper Dodd

Year - Junior
Major(s) - Psychology & Neuroscience
Hometown - Nevada, IA
Interesting Tidbit - I enjoy painting, running, reading, and magic tricks.


Dana Bekebrede

Year - Senior
Major(s) - English and Secondary Education
Hometown - Cedar Rapids, IA 
Interesting Tidbit - I play guitar and am working on a research project about Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Eva Moronge

Year - Junior
Major(s) - Political Science
Hometown - Minneapolis, MN
Interesting Tidbit - I love comedy, especially corny jokes.


Grace Kim

Year - Senior
Major(s) - English and Secondary Education
Hometown - Cedar Rapids, IA
Interesting Tidbit - I'm bilingual 


Haley Valenta

Year - Senior
Major(s) - Writing and Public Relations
Hometown - Kenosha, WI
Interesting Tidbit - Horror movie connoisseur


Isabella Lopez

Year - Senior
Major(s) - International Economics and Asian Studies
Hometown - Westminster, CO
Interesting Tidbit - I can speak Japanese.


Jazmyne McNair

Year - Sophomore
Major(s) - Music
Hometown - Lawrence, KS
Interesting Tidbit - I know how to box braid.

Marcos Villanueva

Year - Sophomore
Major(s) - Pre-Medicine with Neuroscience collateral (Minors: Chemistry; Communication Studies)
Hometown - Brownsville, TX


Qariah Powell

Year - Sophomore
Major(s) - Biology and African-American Studies
Hometown - Chicago, IL
Interesting Tidbit - I am a dancer!


Rachel Kelly

Year - Senior
Major(s) - Communication Studies and Sociology (Minor - Spanish)
Hometown - Lone Tree, Colorado
Interesting Tidbit - I had a summer internship at the Denver Zoo!


Ryn Trumble

Year - Junior
Major(s) - Communication Studies and Creative Writing
Hometown - Sioux Falls, SD
Interesting Tidbit - I love making art even though I’m really bad at it.


Samuel Riley

Year - Junior
Major(s) - Political Science and Public Relations
Hometown - St. Ansgar, IA
Interesting Tidbit - I can play the guitar.