Group of Coe students standing in a field with arms raised

Off-Campus Study


Yearning to see the world? You’ve come to the right place!

Do you want to spend May Term in Spain? Spring Term in Korea? Or your junior year in Sweden? Our Office of Off-Campus Study can find the right placement for you almost anywhere in the world. We will help you research and select an academically appropriate program, furnish orientation opportunities, support you while you're abroad and offer opportunities to process your experience after you return.

John Chaimov, Director of Off-Campus Study

40 %

of Coe students study off campus


exchange programs

40 +

options for off-campus study


domestic programs: New York, Washington DC and the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota

A student is pictured studying abroad in Thailand.


Ellora Bultema ’20 visited the Sanctuary of Truth, known for its intricate wood carvings

A student is pictured at Gaudi’s Parque Güell while studying abroad in Spain.


Sarah Brickson ’19 visited Park Güell while taking Spanish and Hispanic culture courses

A student is pictured in the Black Forest while studying abroad in Germany.


Emilio Ayala-Enriquez ’19 hiked the Black Forest as part of his IES program

Students are pictured canoeing while taking a course at the Wilderness Field Station.

Wilderness Field Station

Courses promise hands-on learning in a breathtaking landscape

A student is pictured bungee jumping New Zealand.

New Zealand

Jessy Holen ’19 had the adventure of lifetime on May Term

Students take a selfie in front of the Colosseum in Rome.


Take in Italian history and culture during a May Term with fellow Kohawks